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The Best Portable Soccer Goals of 2020

Whether you’re a coach or player, a portable soccer goal can make all the difference in your training. As a player, a portable goal gives you the flexibility to practice your skills anywhere you want, whether that be at the local park or in your backyard. As a coach, a portable goal is an essential piece of equipment for drills and small-sided games.

Along with our guide, Erin Nayler, a professional soccer player who’s played in two World Cups for New Zealand, we researched and tested 17 of the best soccer rebounders, studied over 200 customer reviews, watched an hour of related videos, and analyzed customer sentiment on social media to develop our three top picks…for the win! 

Our top overall pick based on price, performance, durability and ease-of-use is the PUGG pop-up portable goals.

Our Three For The Win!

The best portable soccer goals you can buy today

<span style="color: #ffffff; background-color: #8c33da;" class="ugb-highlight">TOP PICK</span><br>Quickplay Pro 2.0
PUGG Pop-up Goals (4ft)

The PUGG is the original pop-up soccer goal and the overwhelming coach’s choice. It’s durable and extremely easy to setup and breakdown

<span style="color: #ffffff; background-color: #8c33da;" class="ugb-highlight">PRO PICK</span><br>Munin M-Station
Bownet 4×6 Portable Goal

The Bownet 4×6
portable soccer net is a great choice for players who need to practice shooting and need a goal closer in size to game play

<span style="color: #ffffff; background-color: #8c33da;" class="ugb-highlight">VALUE PICK</span><br>NetPlayz Portable
GoSports Goal Set (4ft)

The GoSports foldable pop-up goals
are a good value at $45 for two nets, cones, bag, and a lifetime warranty.

In This Guide

Your guide to portable soccer goals
What to know before swiping your card

The best portable soccer goals
The details behind our 3FTW!

The competition
10 portable goals worth a look

Our expertise & how we picked
Why you should trust us

Sources & resources
Helpful portable goal articles and videos

Questions We’ll Answer

What features are the most important in a portable soccer goal?

What are the best uses for a portable pop-up soccer goal?

Do portable pop-up goals last?

How easy are they to setup and breakdown?

Your Guide to Portable Soccer Goals

What to know before swiping your card

Size and Weight

The main thing to consider in a portable goal is how easy it is to transport and move around. The features that determine a goal’s overall portability are size and weight. Portable goals come in a huge range of sizes so it is important to determine what size you need.

Small sized portable goals make up the majority of the pop-up portable soccer goal market and are very popular with both coaches and players. Small sized goals are easily transported to different locations and are great for improving shooting and passing accuracy.

Larger portable goals are usually not in the pop-up style but rather mimic the shape of a regulation goal. Larger portable goals may also allow goalkeepers to train in the goal.

Portable goals are very rarely available at full regulation size, although the GOLME Pro is one of the few full-size portable goals on the market.

The weight of a goal is also an important feature. The lighter the goal is, the easier it is to transport. However, it is important to keep in mind that lighter goals might not withstand weather conditions such as wind, or powerful shots so well. High quality portable goals should be light yet stable.

Ease of Assembly

Another consideration is how easy the goal can be set-up and packed down again. As a coach, time is of the essence and the time of set-up and breakdown is extremely important. This is why pop-up goals are so popular with coaches. Lightweight pop-up goals save time with instant setup as they simply spring into place and fold down very easily. They can also be picked up and moved around a field with ease, minimizing  the set-up time in between drills. For those goals that do not instantly pop-up, consider how many parts need to be put together and if the goal can be easily set up in under 5 minutes.


The frame material is important to consider and can determine the longevity or durability of the product. This are the most common materials in this space:

  • PVC Frame: Lightweight, relatively inexpensive but more durable and thicker than plastic frames. Many larger portable goals are made from this material.
  • Fiberglass Frame: Most pop-up goals make use of fiberglass poles. For a higher-quality product look for enhanced or thickened fiberglass poles that will withstand stronger impact.
  • Metal Frame: Metal frames are more durable than plastic, PVC, and fiberglass.  Most high-quality goals will use aluminium frames which are relatively light but not-so-portable. Some goals use steel frames which are normally heavier. When opting for a metal-frame, consider whether it is weather resistant. Often steel frames are powder-coated to avoid rust.

A high-quality portable goal should be stable with the ability to withstand repeated powerful strikes. If the portable goal will be used by young kids it will not need to be as strong but should be stable enough to withstand consistent use and remain standing in windy conditions. 

  • Ground Stakes: Most portable nets and pop-up goals come with ground stakes or anchors that secure the goal into the ground to provide extra support and stability. 
  • Weighted Goals: Some portable goals feature a weighted base that stabilize the goal and eliminate the need for ground stakes. These goals are good for indoor and outdoor use and are usually better than goals that require ground stakes. If you play often on artificial turf fields, look for weighted portable goals. We love PUGG’s weighted pop-up goals which can be found at PUGG.com.
  • Rounded Goals: Most of the pop-up goals have a rounded top bar that attaches to a horizontal base bar, forming a D-shape. Rounded goals usually start at 2.5 feet and go up to 6 feet in size. For accuracy training and small-sided drill games, the round shape isn’t so important as players are encouraged to keep the ball on the ground and shoot low and hard.
  • Square Goals: Some coaches and players prefer square goals that mimic the shape of regular soccer goals. Square shaped portable goals can be found in small sizes right up to normal regulation sized goals.

The Best Portable Soccer Goals of 2020

The details behind our 3FTW!


PUGG Pop-up Goal

The 4-foot PUGG portable pop-up soccer goal is the original pop-up soccer goal and the overwhelming coach’s choice. It’s made with high quality materials, durable, and extremely easy to setup and breakdown. We love how they come as a 2-pack along with a carry bag.

Pugg Portable Soccer Goal Net

We chose the PUGG 4ft pop-up soccer goals as our top overall pick based on their price, durability, lightweight, and ease of set-up / break-down. As a professional goalkeeper, I have used these goals for several years as part of national team practices and I can assure you that they are a great asset for small-sided games.

Priced at $59.95, these goals don’t exactly break the budget. An added advantage is that they are sold as a set of two with an additional carry bag and integrated stakes to help secure them to the ground.

With their original goal created in 1984, the Boston, MA based PUGG (which stands for ‘pick-up-game-goal’) has built a reputation as a leading brand and the coach’s choice for portable training goals. Their use of lightweight steel material for the frame and high-quality netting has proven to produce some of the most durable goals on the market. PUGG even guarantees that their goals will be free from any defects for 2 years after the purchase date.

The 4ft PUGG goals measure 2.5-feet tall by 4-feet wide and weigh only 4 pounds. There is also the option to purchase this same model in a larger 6ft size for a slightly higher price. The 4ft PUGG goals have a smaller target area so are great for kids but they can also be used for older aged teens or adults playing small-sided games to work on accuracy.

Regardless of the size, PUGG goals are extremely portable. Featuring a single-piece spring steel frame, these goals simply twist flat for storage and transportation and twist open again for instant play. Their ease of use and overall portability stands above the rest and is the main reason why we have selected the PUGG 4 ft goals as our top overall pick. Go to any soccer field and there’s a good chance you’ll see a coach training with these goals.

Great pop-up goals. Have used on the beach, in yards & in basement. Kids can pop-up and fold back. Bags are durable, as are goals. Very portable, collapses into thin bag. On windy days, the stakes that come with the goals work perfectly. Highly recommend this product. – Amazon Review

Watch: PUGG’s founder, Bob Armell, talk about the origin’s of the original pop-up portable soccer goal


Bownet 4×6 Goal

The Bownet 4×6 portable soccer net is a great choice for players who need to practice shooting and need a goal closer in size to game play. It’s easy to set-up and breakdown and made with high quality materials.

Bownet Portable Soccer Goal Net

A popular choice for coaches of older teams (over 8 years old), the Bownet 4×6 portable goal is our Pro Pick based on its ease of use, high-quality design, and size. The Bownet we reviewed measures 4’ x 6’ which is the official regulation size for ages 6 to 8 but large enough to enable coaches to practice shooting and work in goalkeepers. Bownet also offers a 3×5 mini rectangular goal and a 6×12 large rectangular goal.

Bownet goals claim the set up takes just 80 seconds by hand and we were able to accomplished that in our testing after three tries. The goals come with Bownet Quick Play Clips which easily attach the net to the frame and stakes to secure the goal to the ground. The goal is lightweight at just 18 pounds, which makes moving the goal around the field easier. This makes it great for coaches and players alike who want to transition quickly between exercises or simply to change the size of the field. When practice has finished, the Bownet goal can be easily folded down in place and easily transported.

A stand-out feature of the Bownet goal is that it uses a patented Energy Absorption System with the net absorbing the ball’s energy upon impact. This helps to extend the products lifespan by allowing more flexibility, stability and overall durability. This is important for more advanced players with a stronger strike. The goal’s frame is also designed with quality and durability in mind. The goal’s frame is made of powder-coated steel which provides strength and weather-resistance. The weight of the goal is distributed across its base making it very stable.

The goal comes with a one year warranty with Bownet claiming that all parts of the goal are replaceable and a carry bag for easy transport. 

I love this goal. It is quick and easy to set up. The design and execution of this product is impressive. It folds away into a relatively small package that is easy to store. – Amazon Review


GoSports Foldable Soccer Nets

The GoSports foldable pop-up goals are a good value at under $45 for two nets, cones, bag, and a lifetime warranty.

GoSports Portable Soccer Net

The GoSports 4’ foldable goal set is our budget top pick coming in at under $45 for a set of two pop-up goals, six cones, carry bag, and a lifetime warranty. These goals compare very closely to the Golme pop-up goals and Amazon’s own Amazon Basics pop-up nets – so, keep an eye on the price of all three as often Amazon puts their basic brand on sale.

The best feature of the GoSports goal set is it’s instant set-up capability. The goals simply pop-up into shape and can be folded flat for transportation or storage. They are also extremely light with a fiberglass pole frame and the whole set weighing under three pounds. This makes the goals great for kids who want to pick up and move the goal around. 

These goals are reasonably durable and stable; however, these goals may not last years like higher-quality PUGG goals.

The GoSports foldable goals are great for little ones just getting into football / soccer or for coaches of junior teams. The small size is great for passing and shooting practice for young players. An additional bonus is that these goals also come with a set of training cones.

Watch: GoSports Pop-up Soccer Goals

The Competition

10 Portable soccer goals worth a look

GOLME Pro Pop-up – A close competitor for top value pick

Best for: Occasional use, small sided games and for use at the beach, home, fields

Pros: The GOLME pro pop-up goals were a hot contender for our top value pick, but came in a close second to the GoSports Foldable Goals due to its 1-year limited warranty. The GOLME pop-up goals set up in an instant and twist flat for storage. They are easily moved around weighing less than 3 pounds. The frame is reflective which allows for play in low light conditions. They also come in two additional sizes – a small 2.5 ft and a large 6 ft. We recommend the 4 ft for most uses.

Cons: These goals require ground stakes so cannot be used indoors. These goals are reasonably durable but are best suited for kids due to the quality of materials.

Bazooka Foldable Goal

Best for: Regular team training and intense play at home

Pros: A square-shaped 4×2 portable goal with a unique 3-step folding design for maximum portability and quick setup (10 seconds), the Bazooka Goal is very easy to assemble and weighs 11 pounds. It also has a carry strap making it easy for kids to carry. The Bazooka goal, made from PVC material, is very stable and can withstand powerful shots and strong winds unlike most pop-up goals.

Cons: For a small foldable portable goal, these goals are relatively expensive requiring over $250 for a set. Some reviewers have noted that the yellow strap that holds the sides of the goal together can be a pain and get in the way.

GOLME Pro – A portable full-size option

Best for: Coaches who lack access to full-size goals at training

Pros: Coming in three different sizes, the GOLME Pro is one of the only full sized portable goals on the market and sets up in less than three minutes. The goal weighs almost 30 pounds, which certainly isn’t the lightest portable goal on the market but it is certainly light for a full size goal. The frame is made of aircraft-grade aluminium. This goal would be great for aspiring professional goalkeepers to have access to working in a full size goal anywhere and anytime. It would also be great for coaches who don’t have access to a full-size goal for their team. 

Cons: The GOLME Pro is pricey compared to the other goals on the market. Due to the size, the goal requires a lot of space and would not be suitable for smaller backyards. Due to its size, the setup of this goal is best left to the adults.

QuickPlay Pro Match-Fold Soccer Goal

Best For: Clubs and coaches in need to regulation-sized goals for training or match play

Pros: QuickPlay is a reputable UK-based company that makes a range of portable goals and soccer rebounders – including our top pick for the best soccer rebounders. The QuickPlay Pro Match-Fold is another high-qality product from QuickPlay and comes in four different sizes. The goals feature a thickened uPVC frame that is stronger than normal PVC frames yet lighter than aluminum. 

Cons: The set-up from the 40+ pound bag takes around ten minutes so this doesn’t measure up as well against other portable goals in terms of it’s assembly time. Many reviewers have mentioned that the crossbar sags in the middle which isn’t surprising given the PVC construction. The elastic ties also seem to deteriorate quickly which makes us question the overall durability of this product.

Jogenmax Portable Soccer Nets – Fun for little ones

Best for: Kids under the age of 12 wanting to practice their skills

Pros: The JOGENMAX Portable goals are great for kids under the age of 12 that want to practice their skills. The JOGENMAX Portable goals come in a set of two and feature a target that hangs from the crossbar, allowing kids to practice their accuracy. The goals are reasonably durable but are best suited for younger kids. An added bonus is that these goals have a reflective frame which allows for night-time play and it also comes with a set of training cones.

Cons: The durability is questionable when it comes to withstanding more powerful strikes. Some reviewers have mentioned that the fiberglass frame poles have snapped rather easily.

SKLZ Quickster Portable Soccer Goal

Best for: Coaches in need of a larger training goal and back yard training for all ages

Pros: Very quick to assemble and pack-down in under 2 minutes. The SKLZ Quickster goal range comes in two different sizes with the smallest 6×4 costing $79.99. The newer models may be stronger than the older range as some reviewers have noted.

Cons: The durability is questionable with many reviewers mentioning parts breaking/snapping easily. Not all parts are replaceable from the manufacturer.

QuickPlay Kickster Academy Soccer Goal

Best for: Coaches in need of a larger training goal and back yard training for all ages

Pros: Available in four different sizes, the QuickPlay Kickster goal is incredibly simple to set up with pre-attached poles which eliminates the need of figuring out which pieces fit together. The entire set-up should take no longer than two minutes. The posts of this goal are actually made from a soft material, unlike other backyard goals that use PVC or metal goal frames. 

Cons: Like the SKLZ Quickster, the durability is questionable given the similar design and materials.

Kwik Goal Infinity Square Pop-up Goal

Best for: Small sided games and training on artificial turf fields

Pros: The Kwik Goal Infinity pop-up goal features a weighted base that provides stability and sturdiness without the need for ground stakes which makes it great for turf fields or the beach. Square in shape, this pop-up goal mimics the shape of a regular soccer goal. It’s pop-up capability makes it very easy to assemble and fold-down.

Cons: Expensive for one goal and difficult to recommend given the alternatives – particularly the weighted-version of the PUGG goals.

Franklin Sports Blackhawk Soccer Goal

Best for: Apartments with toddlers getting their first kicks in

Pros: The Franklin Sports Blackhawk portable goal was the least expensive portable goal we reviewed but more expensive than the Amazon Basics pop-up goal set if you’re buying two. This goal is a good choice for very young kids who are starting out in soccer.

Cons: This goal is not made from high-quality materials. The net and frame will not withstand more powerful shots or consistent use. The net often breaks down (i.e., holes form) with regular use. The assembly of this goal is also quite difficult and time-consuming.

Amazon Basics Soccer Training Pop-up Goals

Best for: Players on a budget who want a functional set of goals for casual use

Pros: The most inexpensive set on our list, these Amazon Basics goals come in a set of two and are very simple to set up and fold down – like most pop-up goals. The frame is made of fiberglass poles. They are not the most durable but they would be okay for younger children. 

Cons: This goal comes with ground stakes for soft grass but they are flimsy and break easily. The thinner fiberglass poles will not handle impact well and can snap easily.

Rukket Portable Soccer Goal

Best for: Regular training for players and coaches in need of a regular goal-like experience

Pros: At 6 feet by 4 feet this goal has a good-sized target area for shooting practice and is square in shape. Rukket offers a 100 percent lifetime guarantee on replacement parts and customer service. The product is well-made with an extra thick fiberglass pole frame

Cons: The assembly of the goal isn’t as straightforward as other other models we have reviewed. The goal collapses down rather easily but still requires a reasonable amount of space for transport. It is not as portable as other goals on the market.

*Prices are at time of publishing. We monitor price and inventory changes regularly and do our best to update links. If you’ve spotted a change, let us know!

Our Expertise & How We Picked

Why you should trust us

Our Expertise

As a professional goalkeeper, who’s played in two World Cups and the Olympics, I have played at three professional clubs in my career and all of these have made good use of portable goals. Most professional teams make use of small, pop-up goals which are easily transported and save time in terms of setting up small sided games and drills. We looked at a variety of portable goals keeping durability and overall ease of use in mind before selecting these top three models at different price ranges.

How We Picked

We researched over 17 portable goals of varying shapes, sizes, and brands. We prioritized portability, durability, price, and setup/breakdown time when selecting our three top picks. We also gave careful consideration to customer reviews and heavily weighted established brands that have been producing quality portable goals for a considerable period of time. Finally, we consulted soccer coaches for feedback on which portable goals they prefer and why.

Sources & Resources

Helpful portable soccer goal articles and videos

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Erin Nayler

Erin is a professional goalkeeper for the New Zealand National Team and FC Girondins de Bordeaux in France. She's played in two World Cups and the Olympics for New Zealand. She knows her soccer.

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