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The Best Soccer Rebounders of 2020

Soccer rebounders are one of the best pieces of training equipment a player can own. From aspiring MLS stars to experienced professionals, rebounders allow anyone, anywhere to develop their skill set with simply a ball.

Along with our guide, Erin Nayler, a professional soccer player who’s played in two World Cups for New Zealand, we researched and tested 13 of the best soccer rebounders, studied over 320 customer reviews, watched over 2 hours of related videos, and analyzed customer sentiment on social media to develop our three top picks…for the win! 

Taking price, durability, and performance into consideration we recommend the Quickplay Pro Rebounder as the best soccer rebounder for most players.

Our Three For The Win!

The best soccer rebounders you can buy today

<span style="color: #ffffff; background-color: #8c33da;" class="ugb-highlight">TOP PICK</span><br>Quickplay Pro 2.0
Quickplay Pro 2.0

The Quickplay Pro Rebounder is made with high quality materials, durable, and designed to give you multiple angles.

<span style="color: #ffffff; background-color: #8c33da;" class="ugb-highlight">PRO PICK</span><br>Munin M-Station
Munin M-Station

The Munin M-Station
 is the best-of-the-best but comes with a hefty price-tag.

<span style="color: #ffffff; background-color: #8c33da;" class="ugb-highlight">VALUE PICK</span><br>NetPlayz Portable
NetPlayz Portable

The NetPlayz Portable Soccer Rebounder is a lightweight rebounder that’s best on-the-go

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Your guide to soccer rebounders
What to know before swiping your card

The best soccer rebounders
The details behind our 3FTW!

The competition
5 rebounders worth a look

Our expertise & how we picked
Why you should trust us

Sources & resources
Helpful rebounder articles and videos

Questions We’ll Answer

What features are the most important in a soccer rebounder?

Are rebounders specifically designed for goalkeepers or outfielders?

How important is adjustability?

How hard are soccer rebounders to setup?

Your Guide to Soccer Rebounders

What to know before swiping your card

When looking to purchase a rebounder, your first step is getting a general sense of how you’re going to use it. Field players and goalkeepers will have different uses and feature needs.

We have broken down what you may want to prioritize in a rebounder based on your role/position on the field. We then look at a more general overview of what features to look out for when trying to decide which rebounder is best for you.


Adjustability: As a goalkeeper, you want a variety of different service so that you can work on all aspects of goalkeeping. An adjustable rebounder, that will lift the ball higher, can allow you to work on aerial balls above your head as well as lower, driven shots.

Tension: Generally speaking, the tighter the net is – the faster the ball will retain its power. So look for a rebounder with a tightly strung net that will allow the ball to travel faster back towards you so you can work on reaction saves.

Size: Lastly, the size of the rebounder should be taken into consideration. A smaller rebounder won’t give you as much range on the return of the ball, so this will limit you more to making saves in and around the body. However, a smaller rebounder is great for target throwing or striking practice. Handheld, smaller rebounders are also a favorite for goalkeepers as it allows you to control the direction of the ball. The best handheld rebounder for goalkeepers is the RapidFire Handheld Soccer Rebounder. Keep in mind that you will not be able to train alone with a handheld rebounder.

Field Players / Outfielders

Purpose: As an outfielder, you should consider what skills you want to develop. If you want to work on a range of skills such as striking technique, touch, and control – a larger, durable rebounder may serve you better than a smaller rebounder. If you just want to work on passing, technique and accuracy you will probably not need anything too big and you could get away with something not as strong as it won’t be taking too many powerful hits.

Age & Ability: A player’s age or ability is another important consideration when purchasing a rebounder. Young players who are just starting out will not need anything heavy-duty or anything that will shoot the ball back at pace. We recommend the SoccerWave Jr. 2 in 1 for little ones.  However, if your little Messi is super passionate, then it may be worth investing in something more durable that can be setup and left in your backyard for years to come.

Older and more advanced players should look for a stable rebounder to take powerful impact with a tightly strung net to send the ball back with pace.  


Portability: Coaches will want to consider rebounders that are easy to be transported to and from the field and are easily assembled and packed down. Look for lightweight but durable frames that can withstand numerous training sessions.

Purpose: Coaches should also consider the teams they coach. Are they coaching junior players on passing accuracy or are they coaching more advanced players techniques that will require a stronger frame?

General Features to Consider

Here we will take a look at the general features of all rebounders to keep in mind when making a purchase.

Versatility: Dual sided rebounders will allow more than one person to use the rebounder at the same time. Dual sided rebounders are good for team training as well as for siblings or friends who want to train together in the backyard.

Adjustable angles allow the ball to return at varying heights and angles. This is great for mixing up training and creating game-like situations. It helps to work reaction speed and ball control.

Durability: Steel or aluminium frames are generally more durable and steadier than plastic frames. Look for a powder-coating finish that will protect the frame from sun exposure and rust.

Stability: Consider the stability and identify whether you want to use it for indoor or outdoor use. Most rebounders are made to be used outdoors and rebounders for inside use will often come with rubber feet to prevent sliding. Many rebounders come with ground pegs or stakes to secure the rebounder into the grass. Take into consideration the frame size too. A taller frame may mean the rebounder is more prone to toppling over unless it is made from a heavy strong material with a good base. 

If you plan on training on turf, expect the rebounder to move out of position as most rebounders are not heavy enough to stay in place. We recommend using a goal anchor sand bag filled with sand or dirt. Our favorite is the Kwikgoal anchor bag which is very durable and easy to carry.

Portability: Consider whether the rebounder is easy to set up and pack away if you are planning on moving the rebounder around often. Consider whether the rebounder comes with a carry bag, like the NetPlayz portable rebounder, which could make transporting the rebounder easier.

If you are planning to move the rebounder from place to place, make sure you get one that is light yet made from durable materials such as aluminium.

The Best Soccer Rebounders

The details behind our 3FTW!


Quickplay Pro 2.0

The Quickplay Pro Rebounder – with three different sizes – is made with high quality materials, durable, and designed to give you multiple angles to perform the most advanced training drills.

Quickplay Pro 2.0 Rebounder

The Quickplay Pro Rebounder is our overall top pick. Thanks to its adjustability, durability and portability, this rebounder is a great choice for players of all abilities to improve their game.

This rebounder comes in three sizes with the smaller size (3×3) costing only $124.00. The 3×3 is very portable and is recommended for youth players and anyone wanting to improve their accuracy since the frame is small. The 5×5 and 7×7 are suited for anyone and provide a larger target area for a wider range of drills.

The adjustable frame means that players can change the angle to work on controlling both aerial and low balls. The 5×5 and 7×7 models are dual paneled allowing for multi-angle work without having to adjust the frame for different drills and while almost all rebounders are good at giving you balls in the air to practice trapping, that’s not very important at younger ages (u10 and below). We particularly liked the 110 degree design of the lower panel which ensures a smooth ground pass back to help with receiving the ball – a critical skill for younger players to develop and something you’ll want to practice regularly at any age.

The sturdy design of the Quickplay Pro rebounder allows players of all ages to practice technique. Whether it be striking, passing, or controlling the ball, this rebounder can withstand impact. The net tension allows the ball to come back with a good amount of power.

Finally, if you want to leave your rebounder outside the majority of the time, durability is going to be important. We were pleased to find in our research that the Quickplay Pro 2.0 has a good history of holding up even when left outside full-time. It also comes with a 2-year warranty giving you peace of mind. We do recommend picking up some ball bungees as you’ll inevitably lose a couple with heavy usage.

Watch: Quickplay Sport Pro Soccer Rebounder in action


Munin M-Station

The Munin M-Station is the best-of-the-best but comes with a hefty price-tag. If you want the professional academy experience – this is the rebounder for you.

Munin M-Station Talent Soccer Rebounder

The Munin M-station Talent is undoubtedly a cut above the rest when it comes to design and performance. It’s the clear choice for elite soccer players and professional clubs including Real Madrid, Benfica and Arsenal. If you can afford the $595+ and want to train with the best soccer rebounder available – the Munin M-station Talent is the clear choice.

Munin M-Station

The M-station is designed with a patented tension system that provides superior ball return giving players faster and more consistent touches on the ball. The unique design also provides superior durability since the woven wires stay firmly in place and don’t flex nearly as much as traditional bungee rebounders.

The M-station is constructed with corrosion-resistant aluminum giving it a premium feel and allowing you to leave it outside year-round. It also folds nearly for winter storage.

We really liked how the M-station is set-up on wheels that lock into place. Moving rebounders around on grass or turf can be a hassle and waste valuable practice time. It also features 12 adjustable angles allowing field players and goalkeepers to work on a range of skills – from straight passing practice to trapping and controlling lobbed balls. The angle adjustment is controlled by a straightforward dial too – there’s no unscrewing bolts every time you need to adjust an angle for a new drill. The adjustable angles also include a flat 90-degree angle which returns passes smoothly on the ground giving players a game-like feel.

We were really impressed by the unique ‘smart’ feature design that’s built into this rebounder. The M-station comes with it’s own companion app filled with drills and a tracking mechanism to gamify the training experience. Players simply choose a drill, place their phone in the mount built into the rebounder, and instantly gain real-time feedback as the app times and records their performance – pretty cool!

Watch: Munin M-Station in action


NetPlayz Portable Soccer Rebounder

The NetPlayz Portable Soccer Rebounder is a lightweight rebounder that’s best on-the-go. It has a simple straightforward design that provides just the right amount of functionality.

NetPlayz Portable Rebounder

The NetPlayz Portable Soccer Rebounder is our top budget pick coming in just under $100. For the lower price, this portable soccer rebounder has great features and competes very closely with the SKLZ Quickster (which often goes on sale and falls below $100). The NetPlayz rebounder is designed to be functional and portable. It can be easily assembled and folded down to be transported everywhere. It even comes with its own carry bag.

“… its says 90 seconds to put together but literally it takes less than a min to fold and put together once u figure it out. It’s pretty compact folds nicely and easy to carry folds like a folding chair… The rebounder can set to different settings or angles that work best for whatever kind of training – I would also use for lacrosse or even tball/baseball. It comes with hooks so you can keep steady from moving all in all can’t go wrong it’s a win win, put on back then you have your hands free to carry hurdles, balls, etc. I truly recommend this product to anyone user friendly for age 7 and up. – Amazon Reviewer

In terms of performance, this rebounder is great at developing a range of skills due its multi-angle adjustments and high-tension netting.

In terms of durability, this budget pick does a reasonable job. Boasting a 1 ¼ inch heavy metal frame and ground pegs to secure it into the grass, you can be pretty confident the frame will hold up. For more advanced or older players wanting to practice striking the ball with power however, we would recommend upgrading to our top pick – the Quickplay Pro rebounder.

I would recommend this product for anyone looking to improve their touch and accuracy at an affordable price.

Watch: The NetPlayz soccer rebounder in action

The Competition

5 Soccer rebounders worth a look

SKLZ Quickster – A great value when the price drops

SKLZ Quickster

The SKLZ Quickster Soccer Trainer is best for younger players who want to improve their skills and enjoy an unpredictable return. Coaches will like its portability and setup.


The Quickster Rebounder can often be found at a price coming in at less than $100. When it does, it makes a strong case for our top value pick. It is dual sided with one side being best for practicing passing or striking lower height balls with the other side popping the ball up for first-time touches. Another great feature of this product is that it can be easily packed away and moved around. 


The durability of the SKLZ Quickster is questionable. we were concerned with the extensive use of plastic and several reviews mention the net ripping due to it being poorly secured in place. The nets, because they lack tension, also absorb a lot of the ball impact making the rebound rather slow – good for you players but not great for older more advanced players.

RapidFire Handheld Rebounder – Great for goalkeepers

RapidFire Handheld Rebounder

The RapidFire Handheld rebounder is specifically designed for goalkeepers and goalie coaches to improve their training regime. 


The RapidFire Handheld rebounder is a great pick for goalkeepers and especially goalkeeping coaches to use in their training regime. This handheld rebounder allows coaches more precision and controlled direction of ball trajectory. Featuring a strong steel frame with a powder coating, this rebounder is sure to withstand all weather condition which is great for those goalkeepers who love to train in the rain! The strong, double-layered net makes this product not only durable but also heightens the unpredictability of ball return which is great for goalkeeper reactions. The RapidFire Handheld rebounder is also portable and lightweight.


Hand held rebounders are used to enhance a goalkeeper training session but unfortunately require at least two people as it needs to be held to redirect the ball. While a parent can use it with a child, it’s not the easiest to handle over a sustained period of time.

Soccerwave Jr. 2-in-1 – A good option for mini-Messi’s

Soccerwave rebounder

The Soccerwave Jr. 2-in-1 rebounder is best for younger players. Its unique design provides a variety of passing and trapping training options.


Great for young players, the Soccerwave Jr. 2 in 1 is a dual sided rebounder with multiple angles. This rebounder is sturdy and is great for passing practice and simple trapping and control techniques.


The frame is small which is why it’s best suited for juniors. This rebounder would not be a good option for striking technique practice. The setup also seems rather difficult and it does not fold down which makes it harder to take to practice.

Tekk Trainer – Good for aspiring pros and goalkeepers

Tekk Trainer Rebounder

The Tekk Trainer is best for aspiring pros and goalkeepers with its large surface area, aircraft grade aluminum frame, and high tension net design.


The Tekk Trainer soccer rebounder features 7 adjustable angles making it a great tool for practicing multiple skills. It’s durability is also top-notch with the claim that this is the strongest rebounder on the market. With an aircraft grade aluminium frame finished with a powder coating to protect it from the weather conditions, this product should withstand years of use. The tight net also promises fast returns. 


While the frame is extremely durable, some reviewers have complained that the net has come apart or ripped after relatively little use. The net replacement is priced at $49.99. This is disappointing for a fairly pricey product. The Tekk Trainer is also not easily transported due to the large frame.

Goalrilla – Fun option for strikers

Part rebounder, part shooting goal, the Goalrilla is best suited for field players who want to spend more time shooting than practicing their touch on the ball.


Made from durable materials the Goalrilla rebounder is a reliable, long-lasting training tool that’s part rebounder part shooting goal. The powder-coating on the steel frame protects the frame from rust and sun damage which means you can leave this rebounder outside in all weather conditions. The large and stable frame also make it great for a variety of skill training including passing and striking the ball from a distance.


This rebounder is best set-up and left in one place as it is not portable due to its large size and heavy frame. It also lacks versatility with no adjustability of angles so training will be very limited.

We also did extensive research on the numerous rebounding walls such as the Franklin Sports Tournament Rebounder, Forza Soccer Rebound Wall, Trigon Sports Rebounder, and Kwikgoal AFR 2. While many players like the simplicity of these walls, we felt they lacked differentiation and their usage was too limiting – so we excluded them from our list.

*Prices are at time of publishing. We monitor price and inventory changes regularly and do our best to update links. If you’ve spotted a change, let us know!

Our Expertise & How We Picked

Why you should trust us

Our Expertise

As a professional goalkeeper, who’s played in two World Cups and the Olympics, I have used rebounders throughout my career to develop both my handling and footwork skills. I know how important it is for a rebounder to be versatile (in terms of angle adjustability) and reliable so that it can stand the test of time in all weather conditions. A portable rebounder is also hugely beneficial allowing you to travel and train wherever you want. A good quality soccer rebounder can significantly enhance your training experience.

How We Picked

We looked extensively at 13 rebounder models from well-known brands to smaller, new to the market models. We took all of the features above including versatility, durability, and portability into consideration when selecting our top three picks. We also studied over 320 customer reviews, watched over 2 hours of related videos, and analyzed customer sentiment on social media to get a well-rounded picture of the best products in this category.

Sources & Resources

Helpful soccer rebounder articles and videos

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Erin Nayler

Erin is a professional goalkeeper for the New Zealand National Team and FC Girondins de Bordeaux in France. She's played in two World Cups and the Olympics for New Zealand. She knows her soccer.

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